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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


34-708.  Independent candidates. (1) No person may offer himself as an independent candidate at the primary election.
(2)  Any person who desires to offer himself as an independent candidate for federal, state, district, or county office may do so by complying strictly with the provisions of this section. In order to be recognized as an independent candidate, each such candidate must file with the proper officer as provided by section 34-705, Idaho Code, a declaration of candidacy as an independent candidate, during the period specified in section 34-704, Idaho Code. Such declaration must state that he is offering himself as an independent candidate, must declare that he has no political party affiliation, and must declare the office for which he seeks election. Each such declaration must be accompanied by a petition containing the following number of signatures of qualified electors:
(a)  One thousand (1,000) for any statewide office;
(b)  Five hundred (500) for any congressional district office;
(c)  Fifty (50) for any legislative district office;
(d)  Five (5) for any county office.
(3)  Signatures on the petitions required in this section shall be verified in the manner prescribed in section 34-1807, Idaho Code, on a form similar to that used for recall petitions under chapter 17, title 34, Idaho Code, as prescribed by the secretary of state.
(4)  If all of the requirements of this section have been met, the proper officer shall cause the name of each independent candidate who has qualified to be placed on the general election ballot, according to instructions of the secretary of state.

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