Idaho Statutes

34-717.  Withdrawal of candidacy. (1) A candidate for nomination or candidate for election to a partisan office may withdraw from the election by filing a notarized statement of withdrawal with the officer with whom his declaration of candidacy was filed. The statement must contain all information necessary to identify the candidate and the office sought and the reason for withdrawal. The filing officer shall immediately notify the proper central committee of the party, if any, of the individual withdrawing. A candidate may not withdraw later than forty-five (45) days before an election, except in the case of a primary election, when the deadline shall be no later than the eighth Friday preceding the primary election, or a general election, when the deadline shall be no later than September 7. Filing fees paid by the candidate shall not be refunded.
(2)  Any candidate who has filed a statement of withdrawal pursuant to this section shall not be allowed to be appointed to fill a vacancy unless such vacancy occurs because of the death of a previous candidate.

[34-717, added 1983, ch. 213, sec. 8, p. 593; am. 1999, ch. 222, sec. 3, p. 590; am. 2011, ch. 11, sec. 12, p. 31; am. 2015, ch. 155, sec. 1, p. 545.]

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