Idaho Statutes

34-905.  Nonpartisan ballots for election of justices of supreme court and district judges. There shall be a single nonpartisan ballot for the election of justices of the supreme court and district judges. The names of all candidates for each office shall be listed under the proper office title by the secretary of state. A similar ballot shall be prepared for any general election, whenever it shall be necessary to conduct an election for judicial office.
The ballot for each judicial office shall contain the words: "To succeed (Judge, Justice) ….," inserting the name of the[,] or of each[,] incumbent candidate for re-election, or retiring judge or justice as the case may be, whose successor is to be elected in that year followed by the words: "Vote for One," followed by the names of the candidates for that particular office.

[34-905, added 1970, ch. 140, sec. 125, p. 351; am. 1970, ch. 231, sec. 5, p. 643; am. 1971 (E.S.), ch. 9, sec. 8, p. 20.]

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