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36-1006.  State boundary lands — Reciprocity — Purpose — Cooperative agreements authorized — Enforcement. (a) The right to hunt big game in herd units where the herd unit incorporates the boundary line between a contiguous state and the state of Idaho by the holder of either a valid contiguous state or Idaho license therefor in accordance with the laws and rules of the respective state is hereby recognized and made lawful.
(b)  The purpose of this section is to avoid the conflict, confusion and difficulty of an attempt to find the exact locations of the state boundary while hunting big game, and to allow management of big game resources which cross state boundaries. Provided, however, nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize:
1.  The holder of a contiguous state big game hunting license to hunt in Idaho outside of a defined boundary herd unit subject to reciprocal hunting.
2.  The holder of an Idaho big game hunting license to hunt in a contiguous state outside of a defined boundary herd unit subject to reciprocal hunting.
3.  The holder of licenses for both Idaho and a contiguous state to exercise the privileges of both such licenses at the same time.
(c)  The director is authorized to enter into reciprocal agreements with the directors of fish and game departments of contiguous states for the purpose of recognizing license rights of both Idaho and contiguous state big game hunting license holders to hunt in herd units which incorporate the boundary line between the state of Idaho and a contiguous state, whether or not said lands are within the state of Idaho or the contiguous state.
(d)  For the purposes of enforcing the provisions of this section, the courts of this state sitting in the various counties which incorporate boundary herd units, and the officers of this state empowered to enforce laws pertaining to fish and game are hereby given and shall have jurisdiction over the entire boundary herd unit. Concurrent jurisdiction with the court and administrative officers of contiguous states over said boundary herd units is hereby expressly recognized and established.

[36-1006, added 1992, ch. 242, sec. 1, p. 720.]

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