Idaho Statutes

37-1525.  Records — Enforcement. The director is hereby directed and empowered:
(a)  To administer and enforce the provisions of this act.
(b)  To require records to be kept. Every distributor and dealer purchasing or selling eggs in the state of Idaho shall keep a record of each purchase and a record of each sale other than to a consumer. Such record may be an invoice or sales slip and shall show the date of such transaction and the name and address of the person with whom such transaction was made. Such records shall be held for a period of at least two (2) years and shall be open for examination by a representative of the director at any reasonable time.
(c)  To require each person who sells to any retailer, or to any restaurant, hotel, boarding house, baker, or other institution or concern which purchases eggs for serving to guests or patrons thereof or for its use in preparation of any food products for human consumption, candled or graded eggs other than those of his own production sold and delivered on the premises where produced, to furnish that retailer or other purchaser with an invoice covering each such sale, showing the exact grade or quality and the size or weight of the eggs sold, according to the standards prescribed, together with the name and address of the person by whom the eggs were sold.
(d)  Through authorized representatives to enter and inspect any place or conveyance of a distributor or dealer within the state of Idaho where eggs are candled, stored, packed, delivered for shipment, loaded, shipped, transported or sold, and may inspect all invoices, eggs and the cases and containers thereof and equipment found in such places or conveyances, and may take copies of invoices and representative samples of eggs and the cases and containers thereof found in such places or conveyances for inspection and for the purpose of determining whether or not any provisions of this act have been violated.
(e)  Through authorized representatives to seize and hold as evidence an advertisement, sign, placard, invoice, case or container of eggs, or such part of any pack, load, lot, consignment or shipment of eggs packed, stored, delivered for shipment, loaded, shipped, transported or sold in violation of any provision of this act, reasonably necessary to establish the fact of such violation.

[37-1525, added 1963, ch. 143, sec. 7, p. 406; am. 1974, ch. 18, sec. 178, p. 364; am. 1982, ch. 26, sec. 5, p. 54.]

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