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37-402.  Standards, rules and regulations. The following standards, rules and regulations concerning the sanitation of milk and cream are hereby established:
1.  The term "processor" as used herein shall mean any individual, partnership, association, or corporation doing business in the state of Idaho that produces, purchases, obtains or uses in the state of Idaho any milk or cream for use in the manufacture of butter, cheese, evaporated milk, frozen desserts, frozen novelties, edible dry milk, or other dairy products. The term "processor" shall not include any individual, partnership, association or corporation which produces, purchases, obtains, or uses milk or cream for his or its own consumption. The term "producer" as used in this act shall mean any person, firm or corporation who owns or controls one or more cows a part or all of the milk from which is sold or offered for sale to a processor.
2.  No processor shall purchase or obtain in any manner, or use in any manner, for the sale or manufacture of any of the above named dairy products any unacceptable milk or cream as herein defined.
3.  The processor shall, for the purpose of determining the acceptability or unacceptability of milk or cream, cause all milk or cream to be tested and graded according to the standards herein defined before purchase, acquisition, or use in any manner, provided, however, that where the processor customarily purchases the milk or cream of any person regularly engaged in the production thereof, the processor is required to test milk and cream of such producer not less than once each month by the standard sediment test approved bacteria test and an approved mastitic test, or such other test as may be prescribed by the director of the department of agriculture and when milk or cream from any such producer is found unacceptable as a result of either test, the processor shall thereafter test the milk or cream of such producer daily by the same test until it is found to be acceptable. Each such processor shall retain for at least one (1) year at the place where such milk or cream is received a record of such tests in the form and of the content which shall be prescribed by the department of agriculture and shall exhibit such record at the place where the same is kept whenever requested to do so by the producer or the department and shall permit copies thereof to be taken.
4.  Milk or cream is unacceptable which does not meet the standards and comply with the regulations promulgated by the director under this act.
5.  Any milk or cream which is unclean, unwholesome or unfit for human consumption, as determined by the department, shall be rejected as unacceptable.
6.  When any milk or cream is rejected as unacceptable it shall be the duty of the director or his agent to notify all processors in the immediate area, giving the producer’s name and address.
7.  Following receipt of such notification no processor shall purchase, obtain or use milk or cream from such producer until notified by the director or his agent that milk or cream from such producer is acceptable or until the milk or cream of such producer has subsequently been found to be acceptable for ten (10) consecutive days after testing the same in the manner hereinabove described.

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