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38-125.  Clearing rights of way — Precaution in clearing — Application to public work — Penalty — Injunction. Everyone clearing right of way for any railroad, public or private highway or road, public trail, public utility, logging road, trail, ditch, dike, pipe line or wire line, or any other transmission or transportation utility right of way, shall safely dispose of all refuse timber, brush, slash or debris cut for such clearing or resulting from the cutting of material for the construction of such right of way. Said piling and burning shall be done as rapidly as cutting and clearing progresses; provided, that upon application to the director of the department of lands, he may grant a permit extending the time within which such burning must be done; provided, further, that if such work be done during the closed season it must be done in compliance with all the provisions of this chapter relating to burning permits during the closed season.
The provisions of this section shall apply to all clearing of rights of way on behalf of the state, county, highway districts and road districts, whether the work be done by day labor, or by contract, and unless unavoidable emergency prevents, provisions shall be made by the proper officials conducting, directing, or letting said work, for withholding until it is complete, a sufficient portion of the payment therefor to insure compliance with this chapter.
Violation of any provisions of this section shall be deemed a misdemeanor.
In addition to the penalty herein provided, the offender may be enjoined at the instance of the director of the department of lands, or of the fire warden of the district, from proceeding with such work until the provisions of this section shall have been complied with; and, upon application of the director of the department of lands, or of the fire warden of the district, to any court of competent jurisdiction, a writ of mandate shall issue compelling the offender to fully comply with the provisions hereof.

[38-125, added 1972, ch. 401, sec. 2, p. 1164.]

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