Idaho Statutes

38-1215.  Checkscalers — Appointment — Checkscaling criteria — Report — Bond. The director of the department of lands shall, with approval of the board, appoint such qualified licensed scalers as checkscalers as may be needed to perform checkscaling within the state. Checkscalers employed by the state of Idaho shall be nonclassified employees, and shall be exempt from the provisions of chapter 53, title 67, Idaho Code. Criteria for conducting such checkscaling and a minimum number of logs and/or volume to be considered adequate for a valid checkscale shall be determined by the board, and shall guide the appointed scaler in performance of his checkscaling duties. The cost of all checkscales other than in the regular course of the checkscaler’s duties shall be paid by the person requesting the same or by the party in error where the checkscaler finds and determines scaling error outside the allowable limits set by the board. All checkscaling costs shall be determined by using the costs of checkscaling at the time of request as determined by the board. The checkscaler shall make a report of his findings to the board within a reasonable time after each checkscale and said report shall be accepted as prima facie evidence of the facts stated in such report. Any person directly affected by said report shall be entitled to receive a copy of said report as soon as the checkscale has been completed.
All checkscalers appointed by the board shall obtain and execute a bond to the board for the benefit of those businesses and/or persons using the services of the checkscaler covering the performance of his checkscaling duties, which bond shall be in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000), executed by a qualified surety, duly authorized to do business in this state, upon the condition that said applicant, if said bond be issued to him, shall conduct his checkscaling duties without fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation and will faithfully perform his duties as a checkscaler for those persons using his services; said bond to be reissued annually on or before the 1st day of July each year, and said bond shall be filed with the board.
The premium on said checkscalers’ bonds shall be regarded as a proper and necessary expense of the board, and shall be paid out of the "state scaling account."

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