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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


38-408.  Moneys from contracts and appropriations — Expenditures and accounts. All moneys paid to the director of the department of lands, or the state forest wardens, under any contract whereby the director assumes the management and reduction of any fire hazard for the protection of forest resources, shall be deposited with the state treasurer and shall be credited to the forest management fund as herein provided.
All moneys appropriated for, accruing to, or received by said fund are hereby appropriated for the purpose specified in sections 38-40138-410, Idaho Code, and shall only be used in the protective districts where collected. All funds in, or accruing to, the erosion control account after the effective date of this section shall be credited to the forest practices rehabilitation account created in section 38-1313, Idaho Code.
All moneys deposited in said fund shall remain in the state treasury for the use of the director in the payment of items constituting claims against the fund. This fund may be drawn upon by sight drafts signed by the director and attached to vouchers for the planned expenditure, both in such form as the state controller shall prescribe. At such time as the board of examiners may prescribe the director shall present a complete itemized account of all expenditures from said fund. The said board is authorized to approve or reject any item in said account. If any item thereof is disallowed the director or the state forest warden responsible therefor shall replace the amount thereof in the said fund. The amount of the items allowed shall be credited by the state controller to the director.

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