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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-102A.  Legislative intent in creating department of environmental quality. The legislature finds and declares that:
(1)  The creation and establishment of the department of environmental quality to protect human health and the environment as its sole mission is in the public’s interest;
(2)  That all existing, but no new rights, powers, duties, budgets, funds, contracts, rulemaking proceedings, administrative proceedings, contested cases, civil actions, and other matters relating to environmental protection as described in this chapter, vested in the director of the department of health and welfare and the board of health and welfare on January 1, 2000, shall be transferred to the board of environmental quality, the department of environmental quality and its director as described herein effective July 1, 2000;
(3)  That protecting environmental values including, but not limited to, clean air, water and soil, reducing or eliminating environmental pollution arising from human activities, ensuring the proper treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes and ensuring the proper cleanup and restoration of existing natural resources are vital interests of the state of Idaho;
(4)  That it is in the interest of the state and its citizens to establish a department of environmental quality to carry out programs to protect human health and the environment, to enforce environmental laws and develop pollution prevention, compliance assistance and other environmental incentive programs;
(5)  That the goals to protect human health and the environment can be best achieved by vesting responsibility for environmental protection as specified herein in a state department which has as its sole mission, protection for human health and the environment for the state of Idaho and its residents;
(6)  The legislature further intends that environmental quality programs be promulgated and managed such that the benefits of pollution control measures have a reasonable relationship to the public health costs, private property rights, environmental, economic and energy impacts of such measures, provided that this section does not require the preparation of any economic, environmental or other statement;
(7)  That the department of environmental quality shall utilize the designated program appropriations made to the department of health and welfare for environmental program functions, the division of environmental quality and the INEEL oversight program for fiscal year 2001.

[39-102A, added 2000, ch. 132, sec. 4, p. 314.]

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