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39-3902.  Definitions. For purposes of this chapter, the following words and terms have the meanings hereinafter stated:
(1)  "Emergency medical treatment" means immediate medical intervention required, according to the prevailing medical standards of judgment and practice within the community, because of the medical condition of the person subject to this chapter.
(2)  "Evaluation committee" means an interdisciplinary team consisting of at least four (4) individuals qualified by education and training to evaluate an individual as required by the provisions of this chapter, and an advocate designated by the person subject to this chapter. Each committee must include: two (2) social workers, at least one (1) of whom must be a master’s level; a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist; and a physician.
(3)  "Informed assent" means a process by which a person subject to this chapter who lacks or is alleged to lack the capacity to consent to sterilization is given a fair opportunity to acknowledge the nature, risks and consequences of the procedures and, insofar as he or she is able to, indicates willingness and choice to undergo sterilization.
(4)  "Interested person" means an interested, responsible adult including, but not limited to, the legal guardian, spouse, parent, legal counsel, adult child, or next of kin of a person subject to this chapter, or if none of these are available, the department of health and welfare.
(5)  "Medically necessary" means that, according to the prevailing medical standards of judgment and practice within the community, the procedure is reasonably calculated to prevent or treat conditions in the person subject to this chapter that endanger life, cause severe pain, or cause functionally significant deformity or malfunction, and for which there is not an equally effective alternative course of treatment available or suitable.
(6)  "Person subject to this chapter" means all persons, except adults who may consent to their own treatment pursuant to chapter 45, title 39, Idaho Code. Adults who are alleged to lack this capacity are also persons subject to this chapter.
(7)  "Physician" means a person duly licensed in the state of Idaho to practice medicine and surgery without restriction pursuant to laws of the state of Idaho.
(8)  "Records" includes, but is not limited to, all court files of judicial proceedings brought under this chapter, written clinical information, observations and reports, or fiscal documents relating to a person subject to this chapter who has undergone or is about to undergo sterilization and which are related to the sterilization.
(9)  "Sterilization" means any medical or surgical operation or procedure which can be expected to result in a patient’s permanent inability to reproduce.

[39-3902, added 2003, ch. 189, sec. 2, p. 512; am. 2005, ch. 120, sec. 5, p. 390; am. 2009, ch. 130, sec. 1, p. 409.]

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