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39-5304.  Reporting requirements, investigation, emergency access. (1) When a report is required pursuant to this chapter, such report shall be made immediately to the commission or appropriate provider. Provided however, that nursing facilities defined in section 39-1301(b), Idaho Code, and employees of such facilities shall make reports required under this chapter to the department. If known, the report shall contain the name and address of the vulnerable adult; the caretaker; the alleged perpetrator; the nature and extent of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation; and any other information that will be of assistance in the investigation.
(2)  If the allegations in the report indicate that an emergency exists, the commission or provider must initiate an investigation immediately and initiate contact with the alleged vulnerable adult within twenty-four (24) hours from the time the report is received. All other investigations must be initiated within seventy-two (72) hours from the time the report is received.
(3)  The investigation shall include a determination of the nature, extent and cause of the abuse, neglect, or exploitation, examination of evidence and consultation with persons thought to have knowledge of the circumstances, and identification, if possible, of the person alleged to be responsible for the abuse, neglect or exploitation of the vulnerable adult.
(4)  Where no emergency exists, the commission or provider may determine, based on the review of the report and any initial inquiries, that an interview with the vulnerable adult is not necessary to the investigation. If the commission or provider determines that an interview is necessary, the preferred method of interviewing is by means of a personal visit with the vulnerable adult in the adult’s dwelling. Alternatively, the interview may occur in the local office of the commission or provider, or by telephone conversation, or by any other means available to the commission or provider. Decisions regarding the method of conducting any interview will be within the discretion of the commission or provider.
(5)  Upon completion of an investigation, the commission or provider shall prepare a written report of the investigation. The name of the person making the original report or any person mentioned in the report shall not be disclosed unless those persons specifically request such disclosure or unless the disclosure is made pursuant to the commission’s duty to notify law enforcement as required in section 39-5310, Idaho Code, to a request to law enforcement for emergency access, a court order or hearing.
If the abuse, neglect, or exploitation is substantiated to have occurred in a state-certified or licensed facility, a copy of the findings shall be sent to the licensing and certification office of the department.
If the commission or provider determines that a report is unsubstantiated and that no other law has been violated, all records related to the report shall be expunged no later than three (3) years following the completion of the investigation.

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