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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-5304.  Reporting requirements, investigation, emergency access. (1) When a report is made by an individual or required pursuant to this chapter, such report shall be made to the commission or appropriate provider. If known, the report shall contain:
(a)  The name and address of the vulnerable adult, the caregiver, and the alleged perpetrator;
(b)  The nature and extent of the suspected maltreatment; and
(c)  Any other information that will be of assistance in the investigation.
(2)  The timing of the initiation of APS investigations shall be determined based on factors provided in the APS report. Such factors may include but are not limited to the potential for immediate danger or harm to an individual, the current location of the alleged vulnerable adult, and the nature of the allegations.
(3)  The APS investigation shall include a determination of the nature, extent, and cause of the maltreatment, examination of evidence and consultation with persons thought to have knowledge of the circumstances, and identification, if possible, of the person alleged to be responsible for the maltreatment of the vulnerable adult.
(4)  The commission or APS provider may determine that an interview with the vulnerable adult is not necessary to the investigation or not possible. If the commission or APS provider determines that an interview is necessary, the preferred method of interviewing is a personal visit with the vulnerable adult in the adult’s dwelling. Alternatively, the interview may occur in the local office of the commission or APS provider, or by telephone conversation, or by any other means available to the commission or APS provider. Decisions regarding the method of conducting any interview will be within the discretion of the commission or APS provider.
(5)  Upon completion of an APS investigation, the commission or APS provider shall prepare a final report of the investigation. If the vulnerable adult maltreatment is substantiated, the final report will be made to law enforcement pursuant to section 39-5310, Idaho Code. If the vulnerable adult maltreatment is substantiated to have occurred in a state-certified or state-licensed facility, a copy of the findings shall be sent to the licensing and certification office of the department. All records pertaining to APS investigations are held confidential in accordance with section 39-5307, Idaho Code, and federal law.

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