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39-5308.  Interagency cooperation. (1) In performing the duties set forth in this chapter, the commission or provider may request the assistance of the staffs and resources of all appropriate state departments, agencies and commissions, and local health directors, and may utilize any other public or private agencies, groups or individuals who are appropriate and who may be available. Interagency cooperation shall include the involvement, when appropriate, of law enforcement personnel, department personnel, medical personnel, and any other person or entity deemed necessary due to their specialized training in providing services to vulnerable adults. Interagency cooperation may also include access to client information necessary for the provision of services to vulnerable adults.
(2)  The commission shall provide to the department on at least a quarterly basis a listing of all alleged perpetrators against whom an allegation of adult abuse, neglect or exploitation has been substantiated. Upon request, all available supportive information shall be provided to enable the department to conduct criminal background checks and other required investigations.
(3)  The department shall provide to the commission or provider any report received under this chapter from a nursing facility defined in section 39-1301(b), Idaho Code, or an employee of such facility.
(4)  The commission or provider shall provide the department with any report received under this chapter involving allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation occurring in a nursing facility as defined in section 39-1301(b), Idaho Code.
(5)  The commission, providers, and the department shall use interagency staffing when necessary and share client and facility information necessary to provide services to vulnerable adults.

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