Idaho Statutes

39-7104.  Military division — Powers and duties. (1) The military division through the Idaho office of emergency management shall implement the provisions of this chapter and direct the activities of its staff and, in so doing, the military division may:
(a)  Through the office, in accordance with the laws of the state, hire, fix the compensation, and prescribe the powers and duties of such other individuals, including consultants, emergency teams and committees, as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.
(b)  Create and implement state emergency response teams that have appropriately trained personnel and necessary equipment to respond to hazardous substance incidents. The military division shall enter into a written agreement with each entity or person providing equipment or services to a designated emergency response team. The teams shall be available and may respond to hazardous substance incidents at the direction of the military division or its designee or local incident commander.
(c)  Contract with persons to meet state emergency response needs for the teams and response authorities.
(d)  Advise, consult and cooperate with agencies of the state and federal government, other states and their state agencies, cities, counties, tribal governments and other persons concerned with emergency response and matters relating to and arising out of hazardous substance incidents.
(e)  Encourage, participate in, or conduct studies, investigations, training, research, and demonstrations for and with state emergency response teams, local emergency response authorities and other interested persons.
(f)  Collect and disseminate information relating to emergency response to hazardous substance incidents.
(g)  Accept and administer loans, grants, or other funds or gifts, conditional or otherwise, made to the state for emergency response activities provided for in this chapter.
(h)  Submit an annual report prior to February 1 to the governor and to the legislature concerning emergency response to hazardous substance incidents.
(i)  Prepare, coordinate, implement and update a statewide hazardous materials incident command and response plan that coordinates state and local emergency response authorities to respond to hazardous substance incidents within the state for approval by the legislature. The plan shall address radiation, explosive and weapons of mass destruction incidents. The Idaho hazardous materials incident command and response plan shall be consistent with and a part of the Idaho state disaster plan provided in section 46-1006, Idaho Code, after legislative approval.
(2)  The military division shall have the powers and duties of a state emergency response commission under the federal emergency planning and community right-to-know act, 42 U.S.C. section 11001 et seq.
(3)  The military division may promulgate rules and procedures to govern reimbursement of claims pursuant to this chapter.
(4)  All state agencies and institutions will cooperate and provide staff assistance to the military division in carrying out its duties under this chapter.

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