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39-7413.  Operations plan review. (1) Prior to operation of a MSWLF unit, an operations plan shall be submitted to the health district with jurisdiction. It shall be the responsibility of each applicant of a MSWLF unit to certify to the health district that the provisions of section 39-7412, Idaho Code, have been complied with through development of an operating plan. No solid waste disposal facility shall accept waste without a current operating certificate from the health district with jurisdiction.
(2)  The health district shall review operational plans in the same manner as the director reviews requests for site certification pursuant to section 39-7408, Idaho Code. An applicant shall provide information in the operations plan in sufficient detail to show compliance with the provisions of section 39-7412, Idaho Code, and required procedures adopted pursuant thereto. The same standards of review shall apply to an operations plan as apply to the site certification process. The health district shall accept certification by a qualified professional that standards of operation have been met upon presentation of the professional’s certification of compliance and presentation of a written explanation of operational practices which will be undertaken to meet standards established in section 39-7412, Idaho Code.
(3)  If an operations plan provides for alternative operating criteria requiring approval by the director as provided in 40 CFR 258, the health district shall make a decision recommending approval or disapproval. Such plan shall be submitted by the health district to the director for his review. The submittal shall be accompanied by findings of fact and the recommendation from the health district.
(4)  The director shall review the recommendation submitted by the health districts and shall make a decision to approve or disapprove. The director shall review recommendations for approval using the same standards of review provided in section 39-7408(2)(e), Idaho Code.

[(39-7413) 1992, ch. 331, sec. 1, p. 986; am. and redesig. 1993, ch. 139, sec. 14, p. 361; am. 1994, ch. 75, sec. 7, p. 169.]

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