Idaho Statutes

40-1626.  Petition for election — Election. The election shall be conducted in accordance with the general election laws of the state. A petition for the election shall be initiated by not less than twenty-five (25) property owners, or all property owners if there are less than twenty-five (25) in the proposed area to be annexed. The proposed area to be annexed shall be set forth with clarity as to be specifically identified by a map of the area. The petition upon being signed shall be submitted to the commissioners of the highway district and to the commissioners concerned. The petition shall, within thirty (30) days after presentment, be either approved or rejected by the recorded motion of the commissioners in their minutes. Upon the petition being approved by the commissioners of the county in which the territory or a part is situated and the commissioners of the highway district, a certified copy of the petition, together with a certified copy of the resolution of the highway commissioners approving the petition for annexation and with the proposed election precinct boundaries and polling place, shall within ten (10) days be transmitted by the highway commissioners to the county clerk of the county or counties, in which the territory to be annexed lies. The commissioners in the county in which the territory lies shall then within sixty (60) days fix a time for the election on a date authorized in section 34-106, Idaho Code. The commissioners and county clerk shall do all things necessary for the holding of an election in conformity with the general election laws of the state. Upon the election being had the result shall be canvassed, declared and the result certified by the commissioners.

[40-1626, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 672; am. 2009, ch. 341, sec. 91, p. 1046.]

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