Idaho Statutes

40-2012.  Federal uniform relocation assistance act. (1) Regardless of any of the other provisions of title 40, chapter 20, Idaho Code, when any department, agency or instrumentality of the state, or any county, municipality, or other political subdivision, or any other public or private entity undertakes any project or activity subject to the provisions of the federal uniform relocation assistance and real property acquisition policies act of 1970, as amended, public laws 91-646, and 100-17, title IV (hereinafter the federal uniform relocation act) which results in the acquisition of real property or in any person or persons being displaced from their homes, businesses, or farms, such state department, agency or instrumentality, county, municipality or other political subdivision, or other public or private entity is hereby authorized to provide relocation assistance, and to make relocation payments to such displaced person and to do such other acts and follow such procedures and practices as may be necessary to comply with the provisions of the federal uniform relocation act.
(2)  Any payment made or to be made under the authority granted herein shall be for compensating or reimbursing the displaced person or owner of real property in accordance with the requirements of the federal uniform relocation act and such payments shall not for any purpose be deemed or considered compensation for real property acquired or compensation for damages to remaining property.
(3)  The Idaho transportation department is authorized to issue such regulations and procedures as it determines to be necessary or appropriate to carry out the provisions of this chapter.

[40-2012, added 1988, ch. 136, sec. 1, p. 243.]

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