Idaho Statutes

40-312.  Powers and duties — Rules and regulations. The board shall:
(1)  Prescribe rules and regulations affecting state highways and turnpike projects and enforce compliance with those rules and regulations.
(2)  Establish rules and regulations for the expenditure of all moneys appropriated or allotted by law to the department or the board. The board shall cooperate with the counties and highway districts in the expenditure of funds and shall establish a uniform system of accounting in the expenditure of moneys and a uniform method for allocation of funds by counties and highway districts as shall be necessary in the construction and maintenance of highways by counties and districts in cooperation with the state and the United States, or either, but the initiatory power of expenditure of any of those moneys shall rest with the county or district in which expenditure of the moneys mentioned is to be made.
(3)  Make reasonable regulations for the installation, construction, maintenance, repair, renewal and relocation of facilities of any utility or communication transmitting entity, in, on, along, over, across, through or under any project on the federal-aid primary or secondary systems or on the interstate system, including extensions within urban areas. Whenever the board shall determine, after notice and opportunity for hearing, that it is necessary that any facilities which now are, or hereafter may be, located in, on, along, over, across, through or under any federal-aid primary or secondary system or on the interstate system, including extensions within urban areas, should be relocated, the utility owning or operating the facilities shall relocate them in accordance with the order of the board. In case of any relocation of facilities, the utility owning or operating the facilities, its successors or assigns, may maintain and operate the facilities, with the necessary appurtenances, in the new location or locations.
(4)  Prescribe and enforce regulations for the erection and maintenance of advertising structures permitted by sections 40-1909, 40-1913 and 40-1914, Idaho Code, designed to protect the safety of the users of the highway and otherwise to achieve the objectives set forth in section 40-1903, Idaho Code, and consistent with the national policy set forth in 23 U.S.C. 131 and the national standards promulgated by the secretary of transportation. The board shall not prescribe or enforce rules or regulations that are more restrictive than those authorized under 23 U.S.C. 131. Proceedings for review of any action taken by the board pursuant to this section shall be instituted under the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.
(5)  Prescribe rules and regulations to implement the provisions of chapter 20, title 40, Idaho Code, and other rules and regulations relating to relocation assistance as may be necessary under existing federal laws and rules and regulations promulgated thereunder. Rules and regulations shall include provisions relating to:
(a)  Standards for decent, safe and sanitary dwellings;
(b)  Eligibility of displaced persons for relocation assistance payments, procedural methods whereby persons may make application for and claim payments and the amounts of them; and
(c)  Other rules and regulations consistent with the provisions of chapter 20, title 40, Idaho Code, as are considered necessary or appropriate to carry out the provisions of that chapter.
(6)  Establish by rule a statewide comprehensive plan for public transportation.
(7)  Prescribe rules and regulations to encourage the use of recycled materials in highway construction and repair projects.

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