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40-317.  Powers and duties — Cooperative efforts. The board may:
(1)  Cooperate with, and receive and expend aid and donations from, the federal government for transportation purposes and receive and expend donations from other sources for the construction and improvement of any state highway or transportation project or any project on the federal-aid primary or secondary systems or on the interstate system, including extensions of them within urban areas; and, when authorized or directed by any act of congress or any rule or regulation of any agency of the federal government, expend funds donated or granted to the state of Idaho by the federal government for that purpose, upon highways and bridges not in the state highway system.
(2)  Contract jointly with counties, cities, and highway districts for the improvement and construction of state highways.
(3)  Cooperate with the federal government, counties, highway districts, and cities for construction, improvement, and maintenance of secondary or feeder highways not in the state highway system.
(4)  Cooperate financially or otherwise with any other state or any county or city of any other state, or with any foreign country or any province or district of any foreign country, or with the government of the United States or its agencies, or private agencies or persons, for the erecting, construction, reconstructing, and maintaining of any bridge, trestle, or other structure for the continuation or connection of any state highway across any stream, body of water, gulch, navigable water, swamp or other topographical formation requiring any such structure and forming a boundary between the state of Idaho and any other state or foreign country, and for the purchase or condemnation or other acquisition of right-of-way.
(5)  Serve as the state’s representative in the designation of forest highways within the state.
(6)  Negotiate and enter into bilateral agreements with designated representatives of contiguous states. Agreements may provide for the manning and operation of jointly occupied ports of entry, for the collection of highway user fees, registration fees and taxes which may be required by law, rule and regulation. Agreements may further provide for the collection of these fees and taxes by either party state at jointly occupied ports of entry before authorization is given for vehicles to legally operate within that state or jurisdiction, and for the enforcement of safety, size and weight laws, rules or regulations of the respective states. As to the provisions of chapter 30, title 63, Idaho Code, the state tax commission is hereby authorized to enter into reciprocal agreements with other states concerning the exemption of, or taxation of, persons employed by the state of Idaho or of another state in jointly operated ports of entry. As used in this section, "jointly operated ports of entry" shall mean any state operated facility located within or without this state that employs persons that are direct employees of the state of Idaho and of another state which operates for the mutual benefit of both states.
(7)  Pursuant to the authority and process defined in sections 67-2328 and 67-2333, Idaho Code, enter into agreements with authorized representatives of contiguous states for the purpose of establishing reciprocal procedures allowing the Idaho transportation department and contiguous state motor vehicle departments to collect fees for and to issue driver’s licenses and identification cards to nonresident individuals in the same manner as would be issued in the individual’s home state, provided that no Idaho driver’s license or Idaho identification card may be issued to a nonresident of the state of Idaho and that any reciprocal agreement under this provision shall otherwise be consistent with the driver license compact, chapter 20, title 49, Idaho Code.
(8)  Enter into all contracts and agreements with the United States government in the name of the state of Idaho, relating to the survey, construction and maintenance of roads, under the provisions of any act of congress including county and city highways, and submit a program of construction and maintenance as may be required by the United States government or any of its agencies, and do all other things necessary to cooperate and complete those programs.

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