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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


40-510.  Ports of entry or checking stations established — Motor vehicle investigator activities — Authority of the board to employ individuals. (1) To augment and help make more efficient and effective the enforcement of certain laws of the state of Idaho, the Idaho transportation department is hereby authorized and directed to establish from time to time temporary or permanent ports of entry or checking stations upon any highways in the state of Idaho, at such places as the Idaho transportation department shall deem necessary and advisable.
(2)  The board is authorized to appoint and employ individuals who shall have limited peace officer authority for the enforcement of such motor vehicle-related laws as are herein specified:
(a)  Sections 18-3906 and 18-8001, Idaho Code;
(b)  Sections 25-1105 and 25-1182(2), Idaho Code;
(c)  Sections 40-510 through 40-512, Idaho Code;
(d)  Chapters 1 through 5, 9, 10, 15 through 19, 22 and 24, title 49, sections 49-619, 49-660, 49-1407, 49-1418 and 49-1427 through 49-1430, Idaho Code;
(e)  Authorized use of motor fuel on the highways and international fuel tax agreement (IFTA) provisions of chapter 24, title 63, Idaho Code;
(f)  Section 67-2901A, Idaho Code; and
(g)  Sections 49-676 and 63-2425, Idaho Code.
(3)  Motor vehicle investigators shall have the authority to access confidential vehicle identification number information.
(4)  Any employee so appointed shall have the authority to issue misdemeanor traffic citations in accordance with the provisions of section 49-1409, Idaho Code, and infraction citations in accordance with the provisions of chapter 15, title 49, Idaho Code.
(5)  No employee of the department shall carry or use a firearm of any type in the performance of his duties unless specifically authorized in writing by the director of the Idaho state police to do so.
(6)  The board is authorized to extend the authority as provided in this section to authorized employees of contiguous states upon approval of a bilateral agreement according to the provisions of section 40-317, Idaho Code.

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