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40-517.  Definitions. As used in sections 40-515 through 40-520, Idaho Code:
(1)  "Broadband" means wide bandwidth communication transmissions allowing high speed internet access with an ability to simultaneously transport multiple signals and traffic types at a minimum transmission speed of one hundred (100) megabits per second for downloads and twenty (20) megabits per second for uploads.
(2)  "Broadband infrastructure" means networks of deployed telecommunications equipment, conduit, and technologies necessary to provide broadband and other advanced telecommunications services to wholesalers or end users, including but not limited to private homes, businesses, commercial establishments, schools, or public institutions.
(3)  "Broadband provider" means any entity that:
(a)  Provides broadband services, including but not limited to a telecommunications provider, cable service provider, broadband provider, cellular provider, political subdivision that provides broadband services, electric cooperative that provides broadband services, electric utility that provides broadband services, state government entity that provides broadband services, tribal government that provides broadband services, or internet service provider; or
(b)  Builds broadband infrastructure, including but not limited to a port, nonprofit organization, or private-public partnership established for the purpose of expanding broadband in the state.
(4)  "Department" means the Idaho transportation department.
(5)  "Dig Once Policy" means a policy or practice that minimizes the number and scale of excavations or construction and costs when installing broadband infrastructure in highway rights-of-way.
(6)  "Highway" means a road that is part of the state highway system.
(7)  "Longitudinal access" means access to or use of any part of a right-of-way of a highway that extends generally parallel to the right-of-way for a total of one hundred (100) or more linear feet.

[40-517, added 2022, ch. 208, sec. 3, p. 671.]

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