Idaho Statutes

40-817.  Highway district taxes — Duties of county assessor. Upon receiving a certified copy of a resolution of a highway district board, the county assessor must assess upon all property in the highway district subject to taxation the taxes so levied and certified to him. His assessment of all taxes levied by the highway district board may be computed and made upon the valuation of property as fixed by the board of equalization for county purposes, and as appears upon the assessment roll in the same year. The taxes as levied by the highway district board shall become a lien upon the property assessed from the date of the assessment, and shall be due and payable at the same time as other county taxes, and in all respects are to be collected in the same way, except that the tax collector must keep a separate list or assessment roll of them, and when paid, they must be named in his receipt to the taxpayer as a separate item. The tax collector shall pay the taxes, when collected, to the treasurer of the highway district and at the time of payment he must specify to the treasurer receiving them what taxes they are, take a separate receipt and keep separate accounts for the payment of the tax. The commissioners shall furnish the tax collector with any blanks as are needed to comply with these provisions.

[40-817, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 634.]

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