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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-1091.  DEFINITIONS. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Designated responsible producer" means the individual licensed producer responsible for ensuring compliance by the limited lines travel insurance producer with travel insurance laws and rules of the state, as set forth in section 41-1092(2)(c), Idaho Code.
(2)  "Limited lines travel insurance producer" means a person who is a limited lines producer as defined in section 41-1003, Idaho Code.
(3)  "Offer and disseminate" means providing general information, including a description of the coverage and price, as well as processing the application, collecting premiums and performing other activities permitted by the state.
(4)  "Travel insurance" means insurance coverage for personal risks incident to planned travel including, but not limited to:
(a)  Interruption or cancellation of a trip or event;
(b)  Loss of baggage or personal effects;
(c)  Damages to accommodations or rental vehicles; and
(d)  Sickness, accident, disability or death occurring during travel.
"Travel insurance" does not include major medical plans that provide comprehensive medical protection for travelers with trips lasting six (6) months or longer, including those working overseas as an expatriate or military personnel being deployed.
(5)  "Travel retailer" means a business entity that makes, arranges or offers travel services and may offer and disseminate travel insurance as a service to its customers on behalf of and under the direction of a limited lines travel insurance producer.

[41-1091, added 2017, ch. 198, sec. 3, p. 495.]

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