Idaho Statutes

41-1217.  Eligible surplus lines insurers. (1) A broker shall not knowingly place surplus lines insurance with an insurer that is unsound financially, or that is ineligible under this section.
(2)  The director shall from time to time compile or approve a list of all surplus lines insurers deemed by him to be eligible currently, and shall cause to be sent a copy of such list to each broker at his office last of record with the director. This subsection shall not be deemed to require the director to determine the actual financial condition or claims practices of any unauthorized insurer; and the status of eligibility, if granted by the director, shall indicate only that the insurer appears to be sound financially and to have satisfactory claims practices, and that the director has no credible evidence to the contrary. While any such list is in effect the broker shall restrict to the insurers so listed all surplus lines business placed by him and a person who independently procures its own insurance pursuant to this chapter for risks located in Idaho shall only purchase surplus line insurance from insurers so listed.
(3)  An eligible surplus lines insurer shall notify the director of any change to the name of the insurer, its physical or mailing address, or its state of domicile, within sixty (60) days of such change.

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