Idaho Statutes

41-1502.  Definitions. For the purposes of this chapter:
(1) "Actuary" means a person who is a member in good standing of the American academy of actuaries.
(2)  "Insurer" means any person, firm, association or corporation duly licensed in this state as an insurance company pursuant to and acting consistent with the definitions provided in sections 41-103 and 41-112, Idaho Code.
(3)  "Managing general agent" (MGA) means any person, firm, association or corporation who negotiates and binds ceding reinsurance contracts on behalf of an insurer or manages all or part of the insurance business of an insurer (including the management of a separate division, department or underwriting office) and acts as an agent for such insurer whether known as a managing general agent, manager or other similar term, who, with or without the authority, either separately or together with affiliates, produces, directly or indirectly, and underwrites an amount of gross direct written premium equal to or more than five per cent (5%) of the policyholder surplus as reported in the last annual statement of the insurer in any one (1) quarter or year together with one (1) or more of the following:
(a)  Adjusts or pays claims in excess of an amount determined by the director, or
(b)  Negotiates reinsurance on behalf of the insurer.
(4)  Notwithstanding the above definition of MGA, the following persons shall not be considered as MGAs for the purposes of this chapter:
(a)  An employee of the insurer;
(b)  An United States manager of the United States branch of an alien insurer;
(c)  An underwriting manager which, pursuant to contract, manages the insurance operations of the insurer, is under common control with the insurer, subject to the holding company regulatory act, and whose compensation is not based on the volume of premiums written;
(d)  The attorney-in-fact authorized by and acting for the subscribers of a reciprocal insurer or interinsurance exchange under powers of attorney.
(5)  "Underwrite" means the authority to accept or reject risks on behalf of the insurer.

[41-1502, added 1991, ch. 293, sec. 1, p. 754.]

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