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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-1804.  Insurable interest — Personal insurance. (1) Any individual of competent legal capacity may procure or effect an insurance contract upon his own life or body for the benefit of any person. But, except as provided in section 41-1805, no person shall procure or cause to be procured any insurance contract upon the life or body of another individual unless the benefits under such contract are payable to the individual insured or his personal representatives, or to a person having, at the time when such contract was made, an insurable interest in the individual insured.
(2)  If the beneficiary, assignee, or other payee under any contract made in violation of this section receives from the insurer any benefits thereunder accruing upon the death, disablement, or injury of the individual insured, the individual insured or his executor or administrator, as the case may be, may maintain an action to recover such benefits from the person so receiving them.
(3)  "Insurable interest" as to personal insurance means that every individual has an insurable interest in the life, body and health of himself, and of other persons as follows:
(a)  In the case of individuals related closely by blood or by law, a substantial interest engendered by love and affection;
(b)  In the case of other persons, a lawful and substantial economic interest in having the life, health, or bodily safety of the individual insured continue, as distinguished from an interest which would arise only by, or would be enhanced in value by, the death, disablement or injury of the individual insured; and
(c)  An individual heretofore or hereafter party to a contract or option for the purchase or sale of an interest in a business partnership or firm, or of shares of stock of a closed corporation or of an interest in such shares, has an insurable interest in the life of each individual party to such contract and for the purposes of such contract only, in addition to any insurable interest which may otherwise exist as to the life of such individual.
(4)  An insurer shall be entitled to rely upon all statements, declarations and representations made by an applicant for insurance relative to the insurable interest of the applicant in the insured; and no insurer shall incur legal liability except as set forth in the policy, by virtue of any untrue statements, declarations or representations so relied upon in good faith by the insurer.

[41-1804, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 396, p. 645.]

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