Idaho Statutes

41-1936.  Separate accounts — Operation and management. (1) A domestic life insurer may, by or pursuant to resolution of its board of directors, establish one or more separate accounts, and may allocate thereto amounts to provide for life insurance or annuities (and benefits incidental thereto), payable in fixed or in variable amounts or in both.
(2)  The amounts allocated to each such account and accumulations thereon may be invested as provided in section 41-734 of this act (special investments of separate account funds).
(3)  The income, if any, and gains and losses, realized or unrealized, from assets allocated to a separate account shall be credited to or charged against the account without regard to other income, gains or losses of the insurer.
(4)  Unless otherwise approved by the director, assets allocated to a separate account shall be valued at their market value on the date of valuation, or if there is no readily available market, then as provided under the terms of the contract or the rules or other written agreement applicable to such separate account; except, that unless otherwise approved by the director, a portion of the assets of such separate account equal to the insurer’s reserve liability with regard to the guaranteed benefits and funds, if any, referred to in section 41-734, Idaho Code, (special investments of separate account funds), shall be valued in accordance with the rules otherwise applicable to the insurer’s assets.
(5)  Amounts allocated to a separate account in the exercise of the power granted by this section shall be owned by the insurer, and the insurer shall not be, nor hold itself out to be, a trustee with respect to such amounts. If and to the extent so provided under the applicable contracts, that portion of the assets of any such separate account equal to the reserves and other contract liabilities with respect to such account shall not be chargeable with liabilities arising out of any other business the insurer may conduct.
(6)  No sale, exchange or other transfer of assets may be made by an insurer between any of its separate accounts or between any other investment account and one or more of its separate accounts unless, in case of a transfer into a separate account, such transfer is made solely to establish the account or to support the operation of the contracts with respect to the separate account to which the transfer is made, and unless such transfer, whether into or from a separate account, is made (a) by a transfer of cash, or (b) by a transfer of securities having a readily determinable market value, provided that such transfer of securities is approved by the director. The director may approve other transfers among such accounts if, in his opinion, such transfers would not be inequitable.
(7)  To the extent that the insurer deems it necessary to comply with any applicable federal or state laws, the insurer, with respect to any separate account, including without limitation any separate account which is a management investment company or a unit investment trust, may provide for persons having an interest therein, appropriate voting and other rights and special procedures for the conduct of the business of such account, including without limitation special rights and procedures relating to investment policy, investment advisory services, selection of independent public accountants, and the selection of a committee, the members of which need not be otherwise affiliated with the insurer, to manage the business of such account.

[I.C., sec. 41-1936, as added by 1969, ch. 214, sec. 51, p. 625; am. 1971, ch. 272, sec. 2, p. 1078.]

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