Idaho Statutes

41-2025.  Assignment of incidents of ownership in group life insurance policies, including conversion privileges. Nothing in this insurance code or in any other law shall be construed to prohibit any person insured under a group life insurance policy from making an assignment of all or any part of his incidents of ownership under such policy, including but not limited to the privilege to have issued to him an individual policy of life insurance pursuant and subject to the provisions of sections 41-2018, 41-2019 and 41-2021, Idaho Code, and the right to name a beneficiary. Subject to the terms of the policy or agreement between the insured, the group policyholder and the insurer relating to assignment of incidents of ownership thereunder, such an assignment by an insured, made either before or after the effective date [February 25, 1970] of this act, is valid for the purpose of vesting in the assignee, in accordance with any provisions included therein as to the time at which it is to be effective, all of such incidents of ownership so assigned, but without prejudice to the insurer on account of any payment it may make or individual policy it may issue in accordance with sections 41-2018 and 41-2019, Idaho Code, prior to receipt of notice of the assignment.

[I.C., sec. 41-2025, as added by 1970, ch. 50, sec. 1, p. 102.]

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