Idaho Statutes

41-2606.  Premiums on bonds — Allowance as expense costs — Limit as to amount. (1) Any assignee, receiver, trustee, committee, guardian, curator, executor, administrator or other fiduciary required as such by law or the order of any court or judge to give bond or undertaking, may include as a part of the lawful expense of executing his trust such sum, paid to a surety insurer or to surety insurers authorized under the laws of this state to do so for becoming his surety on such bond or undertaking, as may be allowed by the court in which, or a judge before whom, he is required to account; and such court or judge shall allow in the settlement of the account of any such fiduciary the premium or premiums so paid to any such insurer or insurers, but not to exceed the premium for such bond or undertaking filed by such insurer or insurers with the director.
(2)  In all other cases where, by the provisions of law, a corporate surety or guarantor is given or required as to an official bond except as to notaries public, the premium to be paid to any such insurer or insurers for becoming such surety or guarantor shall be paid out of the general funds of the divisions of government by or for which the person or persons covered by such bond or undertaking was appointed or elected, but the premiums shall in no case exceed the premiums filed by such insurer or insurers with the director for the individual, schedule or blanket bonds given or required.

[41-2606, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 559, p. 645.]

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