Idaho Statutes

41-2832.  Meetings of members of mutual insurer. (1) Meetings of members of a domestic mutual insurer shall be held in the city or town of its registered office in this state, except as may otherwise be provided in the insurer’s by-laws with the director’s approval.
(2)  Each such insurer shall, during the first six (6) months of each calendar year, hold the annual meeting of its members to fill vacancies existing or occurring in the board of directors, receive and consider reports of the insurer’s officers as to its affairs and transact such other business as may properly be brought before it.
(3)  Notice of the time and place of the annual meeting of members shall be given by imprinting such notice plainly on the policies issued by the insurer. Any change of the date or place of the annual meeting shall be made only by an annual meeting of members. Notice of such change may be given:
(a)  By imprinting such new date or place on all policies which will be in effect as of the date of such changed meeting; or
(b)  Unless the director otherwise orders, notice of the new date or place need be given only through policies issued after the date of the annual meeting at which such change was made and in premium notices and renewal certificates issued during the twenty-four (24) months immediately following such meeting.
(4)  If more than six (6) months are allowed to elapse after an annual meeting of members is due to be held and without such annual meeting being held, the director shall, upon written request of any officer, director, or member of the insurer, cause written notice of such meeting to be given to the insurer’s members, and the meeting shall be held as soon as reasonably possible thereafter. The director shall attend the meeting.
(5)  Subsections (2) and (3) above shall not apply as to a fraternal insurer, as defined in section 41-3101(2), which shall hold the annual meeting of its members and give notice thereof, at such reasonable time and place and in such reasonable manner as may be provided by the insurer’s by-laws with the director’s approval.

[41-2832, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 600, p. 645.]

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