Idaho Statutes

41-3409.  Application for certificate of authority. (1) Application for a certificate of authority to transact business as a service corporation shall be made to the director, on forms as prepared and furnished by the director and requiring such information relative to the applicant, its directors, officers, and affairs as the director may reasonably require consistent with this chapter.
(2)  The application shall be accompanied by such of the following documents as may not already be on file with the director:
(a)  One (1) copy of the applicant’s articles of incorporation and of all amendments thereto, certified by the secretary of state;
(b)  One (1) copy of the applicant’s bylaws, certified by its corporate secretary;
(c)  One (1) copy of each form of service agreement entered into or proposed to be entered into with participant licensees, together with a list showing the name, residence and office addresses, and date of execution of the service agreement by each such licensee;
(d)    A copy of each form of subscriber’s contract proposed to be offered;
(e)  A schedule of the rates proposed to be charged subscribers;
(f)  A financial statement of the applicant as of a date not more than thirty (30) days before the filing of the application, showing among other things the amount of working funds available to the applicant, the source of such funds, and accompanied by a copy of the agreement under which any such funds were contributed to or provided for the applicant; and
(g)  A copy of any other relevant document reasonably requested by the director.
(3)  At time of filing the application the applicant shall pay to the director the application fee and the fee for issuance of the certificate of authority as specified in section 41-3433, Idaho Code, (fee schedule).

[41-3409, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 767, p. 645; am. 1967, ch. 399, sec. 5, p. 1194; am. 1971, ch. 252, sec. 5, p. 1008; am. 1994, ch. 78, sec. 5, p. 180.]

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