Idaho Statutes

41-3418.  Service agreements and subscriber’s contracts must provide substantial service benefits. (1) Service agreements and subscriber’s contracts entered into or issued by a service corporation on a service basis shall provide for health care services of a substantial and broad character to be rendered to subscribers on a service basis by participant licensees or participant hospitals, as the case may be and, as to participant licensees, within the scope of health care services which may otherwise lawfully be provided by the respective categories of participant licensees under the laws of Idaho.
(2)  The director may, after a hearing thereon, by rules and regulations establish certain reasonable minimums of service benefits to be so provided consistent with subsection (1) above.
(3)  If any group for whom a master contract is to be issued desires to enter into such contract providing either greater or lesser benefits either by way of indemnity or service to the members of such group than the issuing service corporation usually issues to similar groups, the service corporation may enter into such contract, providing, however, (a) that the request of such deviation from usual benefits and/or rates be in writing signed by the proper person representing such group setting forth the benefits desired and (b) that the master contract shall, as clearly as possible, describe in detail the benefits and rates charged, and (c) that the provisions of section 41-3417(5), Idaho Code, shall apply to such transaction. Should such group desire benefits less than those that may have been established under subsection (2) of this section a true copy of the executed request therefor and the master contract issued shall be filed with the director.

[41-3418, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 776, p. 645; am. 1967, ch. 399, sec. 10, p. 1194; am. 1971, ch. 252, sec. 12, p. 1008.]

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