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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-3620.  Termination of operation of association as to insurance covered by other plan — Dissolution of association and distribution of assets — Expiration of act. (1) The director shall by order terminate the operation of the Idaho insurance guaranty association as to any kind of insurance covered by this act with respect to which he has found, after hearing, that there is in effect a statutory or voluntary plan which:
(a)  Is a permanent plan which is adequately funded or for which adequate funding is provided.
(b)  Extends, or will extend to the Idaho policyholders and residents protection and benefits with respect to insolvent insurers not substantially less favorable and effective to such policyholders and residents than the protection and benefits provided with respect to such kinds of insurance under this act.
(2)  The director shall by the same such order authorize discontinuance of future payments by insurers to the Idaho insurance guaranty association with respect to the same kinds of insurance; provided, the assessments and payments shall continue, as necessary, to liquidate covered claims of insurers adjudged insolvent prior to said order and the related expenses not covered by such other plan.
(3)  In the event the operation of the Idaho insurance guaranty association shall be so terminated as to all kinds of insurance otherwise within its scope, the association as soon as possible thereafter shall distribute the balance of moneys and assets remaining (after discharge of the functions of the association with respect to prior insurer insolvencies not covered by such other plan, together with related expenses) to the insurers which are then writing in this state policies of the kinds of insurance covered by this act and which had made payments to the association, pro rata upon the basis of the aggregate of such payments made by the respective insurers during the period of five (5) years next preceding the date of such order. Upon completion of such distribution with respect to all of the kinds of insurance covered by this act, this act shall be deemed to have expired.

[41-3620, added 1970, ch. 152, sec. 20, p. 462.]

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