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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-4932.  Examination of books, records and accounts. (1) The books, records, accounts and affairs of the trust fund shall be subject to examination by the director by competent examiners duly authorized by him in writing, at such times or intervals as the director deems advisable. The purposes of the examination shall be to determine compliance of the trust fund with applicable laws, the financial condition and actuarial adequacy of the trust fund, and other factors materially related to the trust fund’s management and operation.
(2)  The administrator shall make the books, records and accounts of the trust fund available to the examiner and otherwise facilitate the examination.
(3)  The examiner shall conduct the examination expeditiously, make his report of the examination in writing, and deliver a copy thereof to the administrator and the director. The administrator shall have two (2) weeks after receipt of the report within which to recommend to the director such corrections or changes therein as the administrator may deem appropriate. After making such corrections or changes, if any, as he deems proper, the director shall file the report in his office as a document open to public inspection, and deliver to the administrator a copy of the report as so corrected or changed.
(4)  At the direction of the director, the costs of the examination shall be borne by the trust fund in accordance with section 41-228, Idaho Code.

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