Idaho Statutes

41-5810.  License. (1) Unless denied licensure under this chapter, persons who have met the requirements of this chapter shall be issued a public adjuster license.
(2)  A public adjuster license shall remain in effect unless revoked, terminated or suspended as long as the request for renewal and the fee set forth in the rule promulgated under section 41-5806(1)(g), Idaho Code, is paid and any other requirements for license renewal are met by the due date.
(3)  The licensee shall inform the department by any means acceptable to the department of a change of address, change of legal name, or change of information submitted on the application within thirty (30) days of the change.
(4)  A public adjuster who allows his or her license to lapse may, within twelve (12) months from the due date of the renewal, reinstate his or her public adjuster license upon the department’s receipt of the request for renewal, payment of a penalty in the amount of double the unpaid renewal fee and certification that all continuing education requirements have been met. The new public adjuster license shall be effective the date the department receives all of the above stated items required for reinstatement.
(5)  A licensed public adjuster who is unable to comply with license renewal procedures due to military service, a long-term medical disability or some other extenuating circumstance, may request a waiver of those procedures. The public adjuster may also request a waiver of any examination requirement, fine or other sanction imposed for failure to comply with renewal procedures.
(6)  The license shall contain the licensee’s name, city and state of business address, license number, the date of issuance, the expiration date and any other information the department deems necessary.
(7)  In order to assist in the performance of the department’s duties, the department may contract with nongovernmental entities, including the NAIC or any affiliates or subsidiaries that the NAIC oversees, to perform any ministerial functions, including the collection of fees and data, related to licensing that the department may deem appropriate.

[41-5810, added 2008, ch. 179, sec. 1, p. 536.]

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