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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-6404.  CONTENTS OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE ANNUAL DISCLOSURE. (1) The insurer or insurance group shall have discretion over the responses to the CGAD inquiries, provided the CGAD shall contain the material information necessary to permit the director to gain an understanding of the insurer’s or group’s corporate governance structure, policies and practices including, without limitation, information concerning policies and practices of the board of directors, the senior governing entity and significant committees thereof, the policies and practices for directing senior management, and the processes by which the board of directors, the senior governing entity, its committees and senior management ensure an appropriate amount of oversight to the critical risk areas impacting the insurer’s business activities. The director may request additional information that the director deems material and necessary to provide the director with a clear understanding of the corporate governance policies, the reporting or information system, or the controls implementing those policies.
(2)  The CGAD shall be prepared consistent with any rules promulgated by the director. Documentation and supporting information shall be maintained and made available upon examination or upon request of the director.
(3)  Each year following the initial filing of the CGAD, the insurer or insurance group shall file an amended version of the previously filed CGAD indicating where changes have been made. If no changes were made in the information or activities reported by the insurer or insurance group, the filing should so state.

[41-6404, added 2017, ch. 77, sec. 1, p. 210.]

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