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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-914.  annual report. (1) Each administrator licensed under the provisions of this chapter shall file an annual report for the preceding calendar year with the director on or before July 1 of each year, or within such extension of time as the director for good cause may grant. The annual report shall include:
(a)  An audited financial statement attested to by an independent certified public accountant. An audited annual financial report prepared on a consolidated basis shall include a columnar consolidating or combining worksheet that shall be filed with the report and include the following:
(i)   Amounts shown on the consolidated audited financial report shall be shown on the worksheet;
(ii)  Amounts for each entity shall be stated separately; and
(iii) Explanations of consolidating and eliminating entries shall be included.
(b)  In lieu of submitting an audited financial statement, and upon written application by an administrator and good cause shown, the director may grant a hardship exemption from filing audited financial statements and allow the submission of unaudited financial statements. Acceptable formats for unaudited financial statements, which shall include notes, are:
(i)   Reports compiled or reviewed by a certified public accountant; or
(ii)  Internal financial reports prepared in accordance with GAAP, certified by at least two (2) officers, owners or directors of the administrator.
If unaudited financial statements are submitted, the administrator must secure and maintain a surety bond in a form prescribed by the director for the use and benefit of the director to be held in trust for the benefit and protection of covered persons and any insurer or self-funded plan against loss by reason of acts of fraud or dishonesty, for the greater of ten percent (10%) of funds handled for the benefit of Idaho residents or twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).
(2)  The annual report shall be in the form and contain such matters as the director prescribes and shall be verified by at least two (2) officers, owners or directors of the administrator.
(3)  The annual report shall include the complete names and addresses of all insurers and for self-funded plans, all employers and trusts, with which the administrator had agreements during the preceding fiscal year. The report shall also include the number of Idaho residents covered by each of the plans.

[41-914, added 2010, ch. 31, sec. 2, p. 57; am. 2012, ch. 156, sec. 2, p. 432.]

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