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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-105.  Use of natural waterways — Measurement of commingled water — Approval of right to exchange water. (1) The water that a person is entitled to divert by reason of a valid water right may be turned into the channel of a natural waterway and mingled with its water, and then reclaimed, but in reclaiming the water so mingled, the amount of water to which prior appropriators may be entitled shall not be diminished, and due allowance shall be made for loss by evaporation and seepage. The use of natural waterways to commingle and reclaim water shall be subject at all times to the supervision and control of the director of the department of water resources and shall be subject to the regulation of the watermaster within an established water district. The amounts of water turned into or diverted from all natural waterways are subject to the requirement of measurement and reporting.
(2)  The water that a person is entitled to divert by reason of a valid water right, or water that a person is seeking to appropriate, may be exchanged for water under another water right, or for other water from the same or another source, as hereinafter provided:
(a)  If the applicant intends to exchange water the applicant is entitled to divert under an existing valid water right for any other water, approval of the exchange shall be obtained by filing an application under the provisions of section 42-240, Idaho Code;
(b)  If the applicant proposes to exchange water that the applicant is seeking to appropriate, approval of the exchange shall be obtained by filing an application to appropriate water under section 42-202, Idaho Code. The proposed exchange shall be described in the application and the application shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of section 42-203A, Idaho Code. If the application seeks to exchange the water to be appropriated with water available under another water right, the application shall be accompanied by an agreement to exchange signed by the owner of the existing water right. An exchange with water under an existing water right cannot result in an enlargement in use of the existing right.
(3)   An exchange of water hereafter made without the approval of the department of water resources as provided in this section shall be invalid. Nothing in this section shall affect the right a person may have or may obtain to turn water into a ditch or other artificial conveyance and reclaim the water.

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