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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-243.  Filing of claims of rights established by diversion and use — Form and content of claim. In order to allow for the recording of historic uses of the waters of this state, any person using or claiming rights to the use of water for uses other than domestic purposes, which have heretofore been established by diversion and application to a beneficial use shall file a claim of such right with the department of water resources not later than June 30, 1983, or if mailed, shall be postmarked not later than June 30, 1983. Such claim shall be in affidavit form on forms furnished by the department of water resources and shall set forth:
a.  The name and post-office address of the claimant.
b.  The quantity of water claimed to have been used.
c.  The source of the water supply.
d.  The location of the point or points of diversion.
e.  The nature of the use and the period during each year when the water is used for such purposes.
f.  The priority of the right claimed which shall be determined by the date when the water was first applied to a beneficial use provided there has been no period of abandonment or nonuse or forfeiture of the water right since that date.
g.  If water is claimed for irrigation, the legal description of the lands irrigated.
h.  Such other information as shall be required by the blank form furnished by the department.
Such claim may be accompanied by maps showing the place of use, affidavits of witnesses familiar with the uses claimed, measurements of the water diverted and used, and such other information as the claimant may wish to submit.
If the claim is filed with the department of water resources later than June 30, 1983, or if it is mailed to the department of water resources and the postmark is later than June 30, 1983, the claim shall be classified as follows:
a.  If the only use identified on the claim is domestic purposes, then the claim will be considered to be filed in a timely manner.
b.  If the use(s) identified on the claim includes other than domestic purposes, then the claim shall be considered to be a late claim, with a unique filing fee as set forth in section 42-221, Idaho Code.
This section shall not apply to any water rights which are based on the authority of a permit or license issued by the department of water resources or one of its predecessors or water rights which have previously been adjudicated by a court having jurisdiction of such matters.

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