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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-3803.  Alteration of channels — Permit required — Plans. (a) No person shall engage in any project or activity which will alter a stream channel without first applying to and receiving a permit therefor from the director. Such application shall be submitted not less than sixty (60) days prior to the intended date of commencement of construction of such stream channel alteration and shall be upon forms to be furnished by the director or in such other form as deemed appropriate by memorandum of agreement with other state and federal agencies and shall be accompanied by plans of the proposed stream channel alteration and the statutory filing fee.
(b)  The board shall provide that each permit granted shall show whether it constitutes a permit from the department of lands as authorized by the department of lands, or whether an additional permit from the department of lands shall be required.
(c)  The board may adopt, revise and rescind such rules and regulations and issue such general orders as may be necessary to effectuate the purposes and policy of this chapter within the limitations and standards set forth in this chapter. Rules, regulations and orders adopted or issued pursuant to this section may include, but are not limited to, minimum standards to govern projects or activities for which a permit or permits have been received under this chapter and regulations governing procedures for processing applications and issuing permits under this chapter. Minimum standards and procedural regulations shall not be adopted pursuant to this section until after they have been offered for review and comment to other state agencies having an interest in activities regulated under this chapter. Any standards, rules, regulations and orders adopted or issued pursuant to this section shall be promulgated in accordance with the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, to the extent that the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, are not inconsistent herewith.
(d)  The board may, by regulation, dispense with procedural requirements for permit application and approval contained in this chapter for projects and activities which, in all respects, at least meet minimum standards adopted pursuant to this section.

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