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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-5257.  Exclusion — Effect — Obligations outstanding — Enforcement — Payment — Certificate. (1) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, land and/or facilities excluded from any ground water district shall not thereafter be entitled to any of the rights and benefits of the district and shall be deemed to have fully relinquished all such rights and benefits.
(2)  Land and/or facilities fully excluded from a district and those excluded only from nonmitigation purposes shall be subject to assessment and be otherwise chargeable for the payment and discharge of all obligations outstanding at the time of the entry of the exclusion order as fully as though the land had not been excluded. Such obligations shall include, but are not limited to, their proportionate share of any of the district’s existing indebtedness that was incurred for a project or activity that: (a) provided a benefit to such lands prior to the exclusion and for which benefit the excluded lands remain indebted; or (b) continues to benefit such lands even after the exclusion. Where either of these circumstances exists, excluded lands shall remain a part of the district for the purpose of discharging such existing contract indebtedness, and otherwise shall be obligated to pay all regular and special assessments to retire such debt as if they had not been excluded. The district’s board of directors may allow any debt or obligation against any excluded land and/or facility to be paid in installments or in any other manner the board deems equitable.
(3)  All provisions which could be used to compel the payment by excluded land of its portion of the outstanding obligations had the exclusion not occurred, may be used to compel the payment on the part of the land of the portion of the outstanding obligations of the district for which it is liable.
(4)  When any member obtaining the exclusion of land from a ground water district has paid to the district all of the debts and obligations of the district assessable, chargeable or allocable to the land and/or facility excluded, the district may issue its certificate of full payment executed by the president and secretary of the district, and acknowledged so that the certificate may be recorded in the records of the county wherein the land is situate.

[42-5257, added 1995, ch. 290, sec. 1, p. 1006.]

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