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43-2541.  Sale of property deeded to district. At any time after acquiring title and possession of any property, as hereinbefore provided, the district may sell such property to any purchaser upon receiving therefor a sum not less than the amount for which the property was sold to the district and by the payment of all installments of assessments subsequent to the one (1) for which such property was sold and then due together with the penalties and interest thereon. The purchaser shall take such property subject to any unpaid general taxes and assessments and to all local improvement district installments not then due, and the district shall thereafter collect such installments in the manner provided by this code. When such purchase is made and the money paid therefor, the district shall issue a deed to the purchaser signed by the president and attested by the secretary, which deed shall be executed and acknowledged in the manner required, by law, to entitle the same to be recorded under the laws of this state.
In selling such property and in conveying title thereto the provisions of sections 43-1508 and 43-1509, Idaho Code, shall not apply and compliance with the procedures set forth in section 43-318, Idaho Code, shall not be required, but no conveyance under this section shall be valid unless it be approved by an affirmative vote of more than one-half (1/2) of the full board.

[43-2541, added 1993, ch. 407, sec. 1, p. 1495.]

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