Idaho Statutes

43-616.  Certificate issued upon payment of benefits apportioned against land and recorded. Whenever the full amount of benefits apportioned against any parcel of land, with interest as herein provided, has been paid, the district shall issue to the owner or person making such payment, a certificate showing payment in full of the benefits so apportioned against such parcel; such certificate shall describe the land on which such apportionment of benefits or assessment has been paid, and shall identify or describe by appropriate reference the bond issue and apportionment of benefits from the payment of which the land so described has been released. Said certificate shall be issued in the name of the district, be signed by the president and secretary thereof and the corporate seal of the district shall be affixed thereto, and shall be acknowledged as conveyances of real property. All such certificates shall be entitled to record in the office of the county recorder of the county where the land is situated. After the apportionment of benefits or assessments against any parcel of land has been paid in full, no taxes or assessments shall be levied against such parcel for the payment of any outstanding bonds of the refunding issue described in such certificate or for the payment of which such assessment of benefits was made; provided, however, that such parcels shall be subject to taxes at not to exceed fifty cents (50¢) per irrigable acre per annum, levied as aforesaid for the emergency fund, until all such refunding bonds have been paid and discharged, with interest thereon as provided by such bonds.

[43-616, added 1933, ch. 207, sec. 6, p. 418.]

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