Idaho Statutes

44-1809.  Notice of hearing before fact finding commission — Presentation of evidence — Determination by majority. (a) The fact finding commission shall appoint a time and place for hearing and cause notification to the parties consisting of the bargaining agent and the corporate authorities to be served personally or by registered mail not less than five (5) days before the hearing. Appearance at the hearing waives such notice requirement. The fact finding commission may adjourn the hearing from time to time as necessary, and on request of a party for good cause, or upon their own motion, may postpone the hearing. The fact finding commission may hear and determine the controversy upon the evidence produced notwithstanding the failure of a party duly notified to appear.
(b)  All interested parties are entitled to be heard, to present evidence material to the controversy and to cross-examine witnesses appearing at the hearing.
(c)  The hearing shall be conducted by all the members of the fact finding commission but a majority may determine any question and render a recommendation. If, during the course of the hearing a member of the fact finding commission for any reason ceases to act or serve on said commission, the remaining members appointed to act may continue with the hearing and determination of the controversy.

[44-1809, added 1970, ch. 138, sec. 9, p. 333.]

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