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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


45-1105.  Priority. A lien under section 45-1102, Idaho Code, when recorded in accordance with section 45-1103, Idaho Code, is superior to and preferred to:
(1)  A lien, mortgage or encumbrance that attaches to the aircraft, or related equipment, after recording of the notice of lien under section 45-1103, Idaho Code.
(2)  A prior lien, mortgage or other encumbrance, when the person furnishing the materials or performing the services did not have actual or constructive notice of the prior lien, mortgage or encumbrance, or the prior lien, mortgage or encumbrance was not recorded or filed in the manner provided by law.
(3)  A lien that attaches to the aircraft or equipment on the basis of a security interest, if, prior to the expenditure of labor, skill or materials upon the aircraft or equipment, the person planning to make the expenditure gives notice of that intention by United States mail, certified, return receipt requested, or equivalent private courier service that provides evidence of date of delivery of mail, to any holder of a security interest of record at the FAA prior to commencing such expenditure by sending such notice to the address of the holder of the security interest listed in the FAA record of lien, and the holder of the security interest does not respond within three (3) days of receipt of notice noting its opposition to the making of such an expenditure of labor, skill or materials.

[45-1105, added 2002, ch. 371, sec. 1, p. 1044.]

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