Idaho Statutes

46-709.  General powers and duties. In carrying out the purposes of this act the adjutant general is authorized and directed:
(a)  To require such reports, inspections and investigations, and prescribe such regulations as he deems necessary;
(b)  To provide such methods of administration, to appoint and hire such personnel and take such other action as may be necessary to comply with the requirements of the federal act and the regulations thereunder; to furnish progress reports, certificates of completion, and other documents, data, and evidence required by the federal act, or regulations thereunder, and perform such other acts as are necessary to acquire and utilize federal funds from the National Guard Bureau or other appropriate federal agencies for the purpose of this act.
(c)  To procure in his discretion the temporary and intermittent services of experts or consultants or organizations thereof, by contract, when such services are to be performed on a part time or fee for services basis and do not involve the performance of administrative duties;
(d)  To the extent that he considers desirable to effectuate the purposes of this act, to enter into agreements for the utilization of the facilities and services of other departments of the state, other public or private agencies and institutions, and any county, city, town or village.
(e)  To accept on behalf of the state and to deliver to the state treasurer for deposit in the armory construction fund any grant, gift or contribution made to assist in meeting the costs of carrying out the purposes of this act as herein provided; to accept on behalf of the state any grant, gift, bequest or other conveyance of real property made to assist in the carrying out of the purposes of this act.
(f)  To make a[n] annual report to the legislature on activities and expenditures pursuant to this act, including recommendations for such additional legislation as the adjutant general considers appropriate to furnish adequate armory facilities for the Idaho National Guard.

[46-709, added 1953, ch. 147, sec. 4, p. 236; am. 1976, ch. 9, sec. 5, p. 27.]

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