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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-113.  Definitions — L. (1) "Laned highway" means a highway which is divided into two (2) or more clearly marked lanes for vehicular traffic.
(2)  "Lane of travel." (See "Traffic lane", section 49-121, Idaho Code)
(3)  "Legal owner" means any person notated as "lienholder" of a vehicle, the notation appearing on the title records of the department and on the respective certificate of title.
(4)  "License" or "license to operate a motor vehicle" means any driver’s license or any other license or permit to operate a motor vehicle issued under, or granted by, the laws of this state, including:
(a)  Any temporary license or instruction permit;
(b)  Any nonresident’s operating privilege;
(c)  Any special permit issued by the department.
(5)  "Licensing authority" as used in chapter 20 of this title with reference to Idaho, means the department.
(6)  "Lien" or "encumbrance" means every security interest in any vehicle other than security interests in vehicles held in inventory for sale.
(7)  "Lienholder" means a person holding a security interest in a vehicle.
(8)  "Light weight" or "unladen weight" means the scale weight of a vehicle equipped for operation, but without any cargo on it.
(9)  "Limit line" or "stop line" means a solid white line extending across a highway indicating the point behind which vehicles are required to stop, which must conform to the manual and specifications adopted by the board pursuant to section 49-201, Idaho Code.
(10) "Local authorities" means every county, highway district, municipal and other local board or body having authority to enact regulations, resolution and/or ordinances relating to traffic on the highways, public rights-of-way and streets under their jurisdiction under the constitution and laws of this state.

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