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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-115.  Definitions — N. (1) "National network" means highways available to vehicles authorized by the provisions of the federal surface transportation assistance act of 1982 as amended, and listed in 23 CFR part 658, appendix A.
(2)  "Neighborhood electric vehicle." (See "Vehicle," section 49-123, Idaho Code)
(3)  "Noncommercial vehicle." (See "Vehicle," section 49-123, Idaho Code)
(4)  "Nondomiciled commercial learner’s permit" or "nondomiciled commercial driver’s license" means a commercial learner’s permit or a commercial driver’s license, respectively, issued by a state or other jurisdiction under either of the following conditions:
(a)  To an individual domiciled in a foreign country meeting the requirements of 49 CFR 383.23(b)(1); or
(b)  To an individual domiciled in another state meeting the requirements of 49 CFR 383.23(b)(2).
(5)  "Nonresident" means every person who is not a resident of this state.
(6)  "Nonresident’s operating privilege" means the privilege conferred upon a nonresident by the laws of this state pertaining to the operation by that person of a motor vehicle, or the use of a vehicle owned by that person, in this state.

[49-115, added 1988, ch. 265, sec. 2, p. 561; am. 1989, ch. 88, sec. 8, p. 162; am. 1990, ch. 45, sec. 7, p. 80; am. 2005, ch. 183, sec. 2, p. 562; am. 2007, ch. 20, sec. 1, p. 31; am. 2015, ch. 54, sec. 3, p. 130.]

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