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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-404A.  Members of the armed forces reserve — Special plates. (1) Any active member of the armed forces reserves of the United States who is the owner of a vehicle registered under section 49-402(1) or section 49-434(1), Idaho Code, may, upon application to the department, register not more than two (2) motor vehicles and receive for each vehicle special license plates in lieu of regular numbered plates. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any vehicle with a registered maximum gross weight over twenty-six thousand (26,000) pounds. The special license plates shall be designated by the department with the word "RESERVIST" centered along the bottom edge and be numbered in sets of two (2) with a different number following appropriate letters as follows: United States Army Reserve: Army (number); United States Navy Reserve: Navy (number); United States Marine Corps Reserve: USMC (number); United States Air Force Reserve: USAF (number); and United States Coast Guard Reserve: USCG (number). Proof of being an active member in the United States armed forces reserves must be furnished to the department before special plates will be issued. Special license plates issued under this section shall be issued under the staggered registration process provided for in section 49-402(1), Idaho Code, or the annual registration in section 49-434(1), Idaho Code.
(2)  Any branch of the armed forces reserves of the United States shall, prior to an individual’s discharge from duty in that branch of the armed forces reserve, require that the special armed forces reserve license plates either be turned back to the department or exchanged for other proper license plates as a condition of discharge.
(3)  In addition to the regular registration fees required in section 49-402(1) or 49-434(1), Idaho Code, the applicant shall pay the initial program fee and the annual program fee specified in section 49-402, Idaho Code. The initial program fee and the annual program fee shall be deposited in the state highway account and shall be used to fund the cost of administration of this special license plate program which is provided to the public as a personal alternative to the standard license plate requirement. When a plate holder transfers or assigns his title or interest in the vehicle registered under this section, the registration shall expire, but the special plates may be transferred to another vehicle upon payment of the required transfer fee. Special plates shall only be displayed after receipt of the new registration.
(4)  The design and numbering scheme of the military reservist special plate shall be coordinated by the department with representatives of the armed forces reserves. However, the department shall have the final approval of the plate design and numbering scheme to ensure conformity within existing issues of plates and to contain costs within the limit of the fees received from applicants.

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