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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-409.  Personalized license plates. (1) Any person who is the owner of a vehicle registered under section 49-402 or 49-434(1), Idaho Code, may apply to the department for personalized license plates in lieu of regular numbered plates except that this provision shall not apply to a vehicle registered under section 49-434(1), Idaho Code, with a maximum gross weight over twenty-six thousand (26,000) pounds or any vehicle registered under section 49-435, Idaho Code. In addition to the regular registration fees required in section 49-402(1) and (2), section 49-422, and section 49-434(1), Idaho Code, the applicant shall pay the initial program fee and the annual program fee specified in section 49-402, Idaho Code. All revenues from the initial program fee and the annual program fee shall be deposited in the state highway account. The personalized license plates shall be of the same color and design as other license plates, and shall consist of numbers or letters, or any combination thereof, not exceeding seven (7) positions. No more than one (1) particular combination of letters and numbers shall be in existence at any one (1) time. The form for application of the plates will be as prescribed by the director who, at his discretion, may refuse to issue the plates.
(2)  When personalized license plates are issued for a vehicle, the regular license plates for that vehicle belong to the registrant and may be transferred to another vehicle owned by the personalized plate applicant.

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